Hard Drive Data Recovery

The Data Recovery Geeks is a company specializing in data recovery on all types of hard drives and operating systems. This includes hard drive models such as IDE, EIDE, SAS, SATA, SCSI, and much more!

Our data recovery services are included for all Apple operating systems, all Windows operating systems, Linux, UNIX, DOS, Virtual machines such as VMware, and much more!


RAID Data Recovery

Data stored in your raid configuration is very important to your day to day business operations. Because we realize how critical your data is to you and your company, we will recover the data on your RAID as quick as possible to get your data back to you to use in your work environment.

Raid configurations use complex methodologies to store your data. Because of this, we have a team specialized in RAID data recovery. Due to the complexity, we require all active components of the raid array in order to recover your lost data. This does not include controllers, cables, or enclosures. Be aware of anyone asking for these as they may be trying to steal your information.

We can recover data from your raid for any of the following failure reasons:

  • Raid controller failure
  • Drive Failure
  • Erroneous component replacement
  • Accidental reformatting
  • Lost array configuration

Raid types we can recover data from:

  • RAID 0, 1, 0+1, 1E, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 50, 51, 5E, 5EE, 7, Z and much more.

We can recover data from any brand whether it is HP, IBM, LSI Logic, DELL, Compaq, or any other!


SSD (Solid State Drive) Data Recovery

We at the Data Recovery Geeks are proud to also offer our services for lost data on Solid State Drives. This includes any type of operating system or storage based on MLC and SLC NAND flash memory. SSDs are becoming a popular storage choice because of their quicker access speeds; however they have some extra vulnerability to failure.

Solid state drives achieve their access speeds by not having any moving parts, allowing them to transfer data quicker and find files much more efficiently. However, this adds a great deal of complexity compared to normal hard drives, even more complexity than RAIDs! Because of this, SSDs are very difficult to recover data from, so when you choose someone to recover your SSD’s data, be sure you choose someone like the Data Recovery Geeks with specialized teams and clean room laboratories to handle the data recovery process!

We are able to recover data from the following brands of Solid State Drives: Intel, Micron, Sandisk, Toshiba, OCZ Technology, Transcend, Samsung, Crucial and more.


Server Data Recovery

One of the most nightmarish scenarios for an IT department of a business is when your servers fail and lose data. This is even worse if your entire product is based on the data your servers host! However, do not fret because the Data Recovery Geeks is a phone call away to be your saving grace.

Our amazing engineers have a proven track record in uncanny data recovery performances. These feats can be accomplished in the following server environments:

  • Virtualization based servers
  • SQL Database and Exchange

We are also proud to offer the following additional services:

  • Flash drive and external hard drive data recovery
  • File Systems data recovery
  • Tape and cassette data recovery
  • And much more!